Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Man Kills Boaters, Faces Death Penalty

Former child actor, Skylar Deleon, was found guilty of killing Tom and Jackie Hawks for their life savings and $500,000 boat. Deleon faces the death penalty.

In the opening statements, defense lawyers stated that Deleon was guilty, a strategy to avoid the death penalty.

Deleon, who had a small, non-speaking role in one episode of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” joined the Hawks’ aboard their boat for a “test run,” since he pretended to be a prospective buyer. He was joined by John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Alonso Machain – the three men overwhelmed the couple, forcing them into handcuffs and sealing their eyes and mouths with duct tape. Then, the couple was coerced to sign title transfer documents for the 55-foot yacht, named “Well Deserved.” Afterwards, the men tied the victims to an anchor, and dropped the anchor into the sea. The bodies were never recovered.

When initially pursued by the Newport Beach Police, Deleon stated that the Hawks sold him the yacht for $440,000. The truth of the homicides emerged once one of his accomplices confessed.


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