Monday, May 19, 2008

Take A Soldier Fishing

My brother Chip and I were honored to host two of our finest veterans from the 10th Mountain Division out on our 31 Ocean Master, Expeditor, this weekend as part of the Take A Soldier Fishing Program.

Sgt. Aaron, Specialist Dan, and the Sgt's sons Cody and Chance must've been good luck. We tried to put on a full-on effort for these guys, who do so much for all of us. The boys managed 10 bass, one keeper at 30 inches, and several bluefish (shark bait). The Sgt and Dan, who are both heading out for their second tour in October, were given the bass for dinner.

On day two, the group caught a whopping about 20 fluke and the kids had a ball.

We're already talking about a fall tuna trip when the boys get back from their next deployment in October 2009. Stay safe guys, and thank you for all you do. You'll always have a place to fish on Expeditor.

Here's a few pics that show what made the trip so special for us: Sgt. Aaron and his sons Chance and Cody.

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