Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Hull of a Trip

There's nothing like a photo of a bare hull being transported from one build shed to another to give you a good idea of just how big it is. You're looking at CRN's steel hull number 125, a 59-meter (about 194-foot) project.

CRN builds its steel hulls in a separate building than the one where aluminum superstructures are assembled. In the coming weeks a portion of the superstructure for this project will be joined to the hull, and the entire structure will remain in the same shed until launch day.

While not much information has been released yet about the yacht, we do know that her Italian owner has requested some "innovative" ideas, according to the yard, for the tender-stowage area as well as for the movement of the tender itself within the garage. And like a few CRNs delivered within the past year or so, she'll feature a stern beach platform.

Delivery is set for 2010.

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