Monday, February 18, 2008

Tour de Force

Saturday was a special day for Pat Hanrahan, as this lucky PMY reader was the winner of our "I Want to Tour a Megayacht" contest. He and his wife Cynthia were accompanied by me on not just one but two yacht tours: the 150-foot Mystic and the 150-foot My Iris. The treat came courtesy of Merle Wood and Associates, which was exhibiting the two yachts at the show. (Both are for sale through the firm.) Cromwell Littlejohn, a sales broker with the company, explained everything, from where the yachts were built (Mystic at Christensen Shipyards, My Iris at Trinity Yachts) to how crew and guest traffic is handled and even introduced the Hanrahans to the yachts' respective captains, who filled them in on the electronics at the helm and the cruising regions they've visited so far.

To see just some of what the Hanrahans took in during their tour, click here, then click on the first video at the top of the page.

If you missed out on this contest, don't despair. Keep checking our Web site's Contests page for your next chance to win something.

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