Thursday, February 28, 2008

One, Two, Three Sails You're Out?

Come springtime, a man’s fancy turns to love. In my case, however, it turns to… baseball. Yes, yours truly considers spring to have arrived when pitchers and catchers report to training camp. My obsession with the sport really knows no boundaries; I’ve been to several different ballparks, ranging from LA’s Dodger Stadium and both Seattle’s old Kingdom as well as its terrific replacement, Safeco Field, to Toronto’s Skydome and Beantown’s Fenway.

Which is why I hope the Tampa Devil Rays get the proposed $450-million stadium illustrated above. On the St. Petersburg waterfront, the stadium will be handy to a marina (can you say, "Grab the net, here comes a homer!") and even embrace boating elements in its design. Take a good look at the roof, for example: It resembles a sail. Pretty cool, huh? (Yes, we powerboat lovers can actually respect sailboat elements.)

If the proposal gets the go-ahead, the stadium may be completed by 2012. Anyone want to organize a pre-game yacht hop?

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