Monday, February 11, 2008

Recycle that Line!

These days, it seems that just about everyone is thinking green. From Capitol Hill to Hollywood, we’re riding a serious wave of eco-consciousness. And that's true of the boating industry, too. Case in point: West Marine’s recent partnership with the Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP) of Florida to help encourage fishing line recycling.

According to Geoff Eisenberg, the CEO of West Marine, "Fishing line discarded in our oceans is a major problem affecting sea life." The MRRP reports that monofilament line—which is made from high-density nylon—can last in the ocean for 600 years before it’s broken down. Line entangles sea life and birds and is often ingested, too. The MRRP tells of a recovered sea turtle that was found to have consumed 590 feet of fishing line.

To discourage reckless discarding, West Marine is placing fish line recycling bins at its Florida stores. In addition, the company is launching what it calls the "Fishing Club Card." Individuals who spool and recycle their reels at West Marine stores will receive their sixth reel for free. Fishing Club Cards are available at most West Marine Stores. The company hopes to help spread awareness about the importance of recycling monofilament line.

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