Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Platinum Lighthouse?

Ever wondered if your local light beacon was one of the best lighthouses in America? Well, LighthouseRatings.com is the place to find out. On the site, they rate U.S. lighthouses (no international ones up yet) on a scale of 1-5 for seven different features: History, Majesty, Preservation, Surrounding Area, Water View, Accessibility, and Beacon Type. The sum of all its features gives each lighthouse a score, with the max score being 35 points. Anything above 30 the site considers a platinum lighthouse (25-30 is gold and 20-24 is ranked silver).

Even if you view lighthouses more as essential safety beacons instead of tourist attractions, you may be persuaded to the latter after reading the Web site’s lighthouse histories. Click the light and peruse the tales of odd shipwrecks (such as the December 24th, 1886 wreck of the Annie C. Maguire at Portland Head Light in Maine where the shipwrecked sailors put up a plank and climbed over the frigid Christmas time waters to safety) or even murder (see St. Simons Island Light in Georgia).

With items like heights, directions, and even contact numbers the website does a fine job at bringing mariners closer to the lights that guide them than they ever should get from the water.

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