Thursday, December 6, 2007

Aicon's New Soles

What does Marc-Udo Broich, President/CEO of Aicon Yachts Americas, know about shoes? Well quite a bit, it turns out. Broich took over as the CEO of footwear brand Maui Surf Company (MSC) earlier this year. But if you're an Aicon nut, don't despair—Broich will continue with his post there, too.

Under Broich the "new" MSC will not only continue to create shoes that are inspired by the laid-back Maui lifestyle, it will pursue some serious innovation. Leave it to the head of Aicon to understand what boaters want: from boat shoes that reportedly weigh less than 10 oz. to a water shoe line that promises a revolutionary water drainage system. Now that Broich's in charge of MSC, boaters everywhere are likely to take a second look.

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