Friday, September 14, 2007

Megayachts Go Dry—and Vertical

Usually when I receive a press release claiming something "defies convention," my reaction is, "Yeah, right." (As if moving a radar arch a few inches or changing the slope of a window by a few degrees is revolutionary.) But when I read the news about how the Vertical Yacht Club Marina Mile, which should begin construction in Fort Lauderdale next summer, will become the first dry-stowage facility for megayachts up to 85 feet, I blinked.

The idea isn't as crazy as some of you may think. After all, if production-boat owners can save maintenance dollars, why can't you? Wet slips are fine if you use your yacht frequently, but if you don't—or if you're among the many owners who's ruing the lack of dock space—dry stowage is a concept whose time has come. And considering the facility will also reportedly withstand hurricane-force winds up to Category 5, it's extra peace of mind.

Being created jointly by Aqua Marine Partners and Vertical Yacht Club Development, the Vertical Yacht Club Marina Mile will house 46 yachts weighing up to 90 tons each in climate-controlled "suites." Upon arrival at the building, your yacht will be picked up by what the developers call the Hercules system, an overhead bridge crane and an open-rack system. You'll have a custom platform as well, which Hercules will transport and store your yacht on and which will slide into the suite via rails. Domestic and European power will be available, and you can opt for a monthly maintenance program to have the facility check your engines, electronics, and other systems are in good shape.

For further details, contact Vertical Yacht Club Development.

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