Friday, September 14, 2007

All that Glitters

The presentation of the first Horizon Elegance 62 designed by Fiona Swarovski recently took place in Venice, Italy. The boat represents a collaboration between the Horizon Group, Yaretti Motoryachts, and Fiona, who is heiress to the Swarovski estate and an accomplished designer. The collaboration was born when a Yaretti representative met Swarovski at the presentation of her FWS fashion line and was immediately drawn to the heiresses' talent and her warm, sparkling (forgive me) personality.

According to Horizon, the yacht's interior features "fine woods" and "glossy textiles." Swarovski's keen attention to detail is certainly evident throughout—she even helped design the vessel's stunning china. But perhaps the most eye-catching design element of the boat's interior are the hundreds of crystals adorning everything from throw pillows to tables.

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