Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cruise With a President

Well, sort of. This Friday marks the first of a few opportunities that wine enthusiasts will get to experience cruising aboard the famous Presidential yacht Potomac.

The "Floating White House," as the yacht has been nicknamed for some time, has hosted San Francisco Harbor tours and special events for a few years. But she's no dinner cruises ship; she's a registered National Historic Landmark and maintained as a memorial to FDR, who entertained dignitaries and family alike onboard.

The wine tasting, called the Foggy Bridge Wine Cruise, will showcase selections from northern and central California, but of course still allowing attendees to learn about the yacht. The Foggy Bridge Web site, mindful that some people may never have been aboard a boat, wisely states that everyone should wear proper shoes and even adds, "dress as if you are having Sunday brunch with the President on his yacht."

If you can't make the cruise, you can learn more about Potomac by picking up a copy of the November issue of Power & Motoryacht, which hits mailboxes and newsstands in mid-October. Potomac is included in our annual exclusive feature "America's 100 Largest Yachts."

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