Friday, January 23, 2009

A Mega-Island?

According to a recent report on, there's a brand new mega-model on the horizon. That's right, the floating island. Megayacht design company Wally has devised plans for a 100-meter vessel that will serve not just as a boat, but as a floating estate meant to accommodate those who want a year-round, liveaboard lifestyle but don't want to sacrifice luxury. The island-yacht, which can accommodate 24 guests and 40 crew, has what her designers refer to as a "commercial look." But that doesn't mean she can't be personalized. In fact, owners can incorporate just about any feature they want, from oversize helipads to Olympic size pools. The team at Wally drew up two possible options—the full tennis court and giant tropical garden (seen here). So what do you think? Will megayacht owners go for the year-round, floating-island lifestyle?

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