Monday, January 12, 2009

Catch the Wave

Kicking off a new year, has kicked off a revamped Web site as well. The two-year-old site, which is an online source for crewed charter yachts, now features a new design and reader-friendly features. Looking for the latest information on the industry? Check out the CharterWave Digital Newsstand, which offers articles and informational brochures posted on the Web. Other new features include “Three Brokers Say”, a monthly editorial piece, and “Sponsored Blog News.”

“As our readership has grown and our readers have proved to be charter clients, more companies than we could previously accommodate have requested advertising space,” explained CharterWave founder and editor Kim Kavin. “ Demand has risen dramatically in the past six month as the economy has declined and good vale in advertising has become paramount.”

New York-based Media Buoy worked with CharterWave to make the redesign a reality.

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