Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Niagra, But Close

Last December in our annual Destinations section, I wrote about how nothing compares to New York City. Well, if you need further proof, there are four manmade waterfalls around town that you really can't appreciate unless you get up close to them by boat.

That's what I did Sunday; I took the photo here of the waterfall beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. The other three are west of the Brooklyn Heights promenade in Brooklyn, just north of the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan, and at Governor's Island (near the Statue of Liberty). They're actually an art exhibit, and the water is pumped straight from the East River, cascading 90 to 120 feet back down into the river.

To learn about the art project, which runs through October, click here. You can visit them day or night; I definitely plan to go back at night to take more pictures, since they're lit up. If you live and boat in this area, make The Waterfalls a must-see. If you'll be visiting The Big Apple but without your boat, never fear; you can charter a boat from Surfside 3 marina in the Chelsea neighborhood.

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