Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exciting Change

Would you expect a yacht like this:

to come from a yard famous for yachts like this?

Well, get used to it: Jongert is entering the motoryacht market.

Actually, the Dutch builder is re-entering the market. When it was established in the 1950's, it built motoryachts, around 65 feet or so. But over the past few years, the yard's management team decided that because motorized megayachts are by far more popular than sailing ones, it made sense to tap into those roots again.

So the rendering at the top of this post is the result. Called the 3900, she'll measure 39 meters, or a little less than 120 feet LOA. Her sporty style comes from the drawing boards of two companies, Guido de Groot and Azure Naval Architects; it's a bit hard to see in this drawing, but her hardtop will have a multipanel skylight, adding to her appeal. Also appealing is her anticipated top speed: 30 knots, which the build and design teams are confident they'll attain, thanks to extensive tank tests.

I got a sneek peek today at the semidisplacement aluminum hull taking shape, as I'm in Holland touring several shipyards. In talking with Jongert's team, I sensed great excitement about this project and about future motor-megayachts as well (details of which can't yet be divulged, as contracts aren't yet signed). While the owner of the 3900 will have to wait until summer 2009 to take delivery, something tells me the shipyard will have a few more motoryacht announcements to make well before that.

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