Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bookworms Wanted

Not that long ago, I became enamored with a series of coffee-table books about travel that I'd seen aboard a yacht I'd toured. Since they weren't esoteric topics, I figured my local bookstores would carry them. Unfortunately, one didn't, and while the other did, the titles were out of stock.

If you're a book nut like me and/or have compiled a collection for your boat's or yacht's bookshelves, surely you've experienced the same situation. And you've likely encountered worse frustration if you've searched for highly collectible or limited-edition titles. A new company feels your pain and intends to make not just your individual title-shopping experience easier, but also your search for hard-to-find editions and even your need for an entire library.

The company is Designarta Books, started by individuals with more than three decades' experience in art publishing. The firm has hundreds of titles about everything from art and architecture to fashion, photography, travel, and lifestyle. I spent some time this morning perusing the Web site, and not only was I delighted to see a book containing vintage posters promoting Italian tourism, but also a photography book about my favorite sport, baseball (go Yankees!). Designarta even has the highly promoted Superyacht book that's selling for a few thousand dollars worldwide.

If you want more than just one or two titles, Designarta Books specializes in creating bespoke libraries, taking care of everything from selecting titles for you based on subjects you specify to delivering them and even setting them up onboard your yacht.

Interested? Designarta Books is extending a ten-percent discount to PMY readers. Enter code PMY1 at checkout on its site. (Note that Designarta Books says its contracts prevent it from applying the discount to collectors' editions but that other books are eligible.)

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