Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adventurous Adventure Us

While I unfortunately don't have a photo to show you, trust me when I say that Ted Haines, a crewmember aboard the 82-foot Hargrave Adventure Us, wasn't exaggerating when he showed me the galley and declared, "Welcome to our four-butt kitchen!" There's enough space between the appliances and prep island for a small crowd to gather (and you know everyone always gathers in the galley, just like at home!).

The yacht, which I toured during last week's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, is packed with personality. The owners have kids of various ages and not only made Adventure Us stuffed-animal-friendly, but also welcoming for their multiple generations to relax together. The saloon, for example, has a table that has hosted some rousing games of chess as well as studying. The flying bridge, where the owners themselves run the yacht, has a small observation settee to port of the helm, and they and their kids have spotted whales and various schools of fish from Kennebunkport, Maine, down to Key West.

Haines, who handles lines and related tasks for the owners, loves having the kids around. Even though there are two bunk-berth staterooms each with a Pullman in the guest accommodations for the boys and girls to use, Haines says he's found the kids, usually the boys, hanging around his cabin, located just aft of the engine room.

But maybe that's because Haines keeps his small freezer stocked with ice cream...

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