Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Merrill-Stevens Set to Grow

Megayachts aren't the only things getting bigger these days: The service yards they head to are as well. Case in point, Merrill-Stevens, the Florida-based yard that got a green light for a $55-million expansion in late July.

Located on the Miami River, Merrill-Stevens wants to take over some land adjacent to its current spot to create a yacht-repair staging dock and training/apprentice facilities. While construction won't begin until 2009, when the project is complete, the yard should be able to service yachts to 250 feet.

But refit and repair aren't the only things that will be addressed. In an interesting move, Merrill-Stevens is also emphasizing the beautification of the waterway, so it plans to add two pedestrian paths along the river and dress up the general landscaping of the facility. It also is working with the Historical Museum of Southern Florida to create a historical exhibit space that will include everything from photos to tools used in the marine trades to showcase how the industry has evolved in the state.

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