Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Findings at Feadship

I'm presently overseas on a tour of a few shipyards in Holland and Germany, and I thought I'd share some news from my visit to the two Feadship yards today, Royal De Vries and Royal Van Lent.

Perhaps the biggest news is "small" news, specifically the 39- and 45-meter series projects each yard (respectively) has underway. While some people thought adding a semicustom series to each yard's offerings would be risky, it's not adversely affecting them. Royal De Vries has two SL39s (as the series is called) in production, with a third yacht expected to start next year. Royal Van Lent has the second and third launches in its F45 series sitting side by side in one of its build sheds. The first F45, Space, was delivered this summer and should be cruising the Med as you read this.

In fact, Feadship hopes to have the yacht on display at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show. If negotiations with the owner are successful, you can expect to read my first impressions here.

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