Monday, July 2, 2007

The World Marinas

If you were a marina, where would you be? Of course, you wouldn’t be just any marina; you’d be top-notch: the George Clooney or Julia Roberts of marinas, and you’d want the best spot the world had to offer.

In that case, The World, the group of islands off the coast of Dubai, is the place to be. And they’re getting exceptional marinas under the management of Island Global Yachting (IGY), a leading developer of luxury marina facilities and the exclusive provider of design, development, and management services for Nakheel, the property development firm that created The World.

The partnership will entail 40,000 new marina slips in Nakheel’s $30-billion waterfront development, which will “establish Dubai as a global yachting destination and facilitate the growth of the marina industry in the Middle East,” says Andrew L. Farkas, founder and CEO of Island Capital Group, an affiliate of IGY. Not a bad move on IGY’s part, considering Nakheel’s project is establishing itself as the star destination for business and luxury tourism.

So now the question is, if you were an IGY marina, in which “country” of The World would you be located?

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