Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome to Wally World

I've heard of motherships, but this takes the cake.

Wally has a proposal for a 99-meter (325-foot) yacht that features all the accommodations you'd expect of a megayacht along with deck areas large enough to stow tenders in the 40-foot range (WallyPowers, of course), land a handful of helicopters, and/or serve as everything from a tennis court to a garden area with a swimming pool.

Dubbed WallyIsland, the yacht features Azipod propulsion, zero-speed stabilizers, and a nearly 200,000-gallon fuel capacity. Wally claims a 15,000-NM range at a 16-knot cruising speed, putting essentially any destination within reach.

The superstructure, as you can see, is flushed aft, purposely designed to resemble an airport control tower. With no fairing or painting, the steel vessel has a decidedly commercial look.

Inside is quite another story, of course: a saloon; dining/gaming room; library; cinema room; spa (complete with gym); and an owner's suite plus six double-size king guest suites that can, if necessary, be transformed into 12 guest suites.

Imagine the possibilities—and the envious looks from other owners.

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