Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Devil's in the Details

How much does a yacht really change in the design stage? Dramatically, in some cases, as illustrated by these renderings from Laurent Giles Naval Architects. Project 6H, the result of a collaboration with Peter Insull's Yacht Marketing, evolved over an eight-month research, design, and development program. What started out as a 148-foot expedition yacht with four decks (see Style A) became a 171-foot yacht with a much different profile, particularly forward and aft (see Style B and C, then the final design at the bottom).

Note the high freeboard forward; unlike some hybrid yachty-expedition styles, this one doesn't hide its rugged roots. Note also the signature Laurent Giles element, the dramatic downward curve to the transom. The silver and white paint scheme complements the bold design.

Look for more information in my "Megayachts" column in May.

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