Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lining Up for Dealer Certification

Although social networking is a popular reason to log on to the Web, the Marine Dealership Certification Program—hoping the industry uses the Web to its advantage—is now offering a series of online Launch Workshops. The idea beyond the virtual workshops is to make it more convenient for dealerships to earn the Marine Industry Certified designation, at a reduced cost.

Signing on for a Launch Workshop is the first step in the certification process—which explains the program requirements and provides the tools need to complete the process. "The new Web-based workshops provide exactly what the dealers themselves told us they wanted: A quality program with an eye toward keeping the dealers' program costs as low as possible," explained Phil Keeter, president of the Marine Retailers Association of America and vice president of Marine Certification Inc.

With the new format, more dealership employees can participate without having to travel to attend classes because they can log on from their office computer. The workshops with take place over the course of two consecutive days. The Web-based Launch Workshops will be offered January 20-21, February 24-25, March 17-18, April 7-8, April 21-22, and May 12-13.

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