Thursday, August 28, 2008

Save Our Reefs

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)—an international organization dedicated soley to saving the world's coral reefs—recently announced it will be partnering with Leisure Pro, an online purveyor of all things scuba and snorkeling related. Leisure Pro has agreed to help draw attention to the plight of coral reefs by agreeing to no longer sell fish food. You see, feeding fish can have decidedly deleterious effects on coral reefs. It alters predator-prey relationships, and thus (to put it crudely), mucks with delicate food chains and ecosystems. This can be particularly problematic when divers feed algae grazers, who in turn eat less algae, which can then smother a coral reef. To help draw attention to CORAL’s “Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding Campaign,” Leisure Pro has promised that any shoppers who donate at least $10 with their next online purchase will receive CORAL’s 2009 calendar.

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