Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Right Adhesive Sealant

Here’s a link to the 3M Adhesive Sealant Selector I ran across on their Web site while working on an upcoming article about sealants for our April Maintenance Issue. On this page, simply select what surface or surfaces you want to join (fiberglass, wood, vinyl, lexan plastic, etc.). Next select if those surfaces are sanded or unsanded. After that, decide if the surface is chemically resistant. Finally, choose from the available colors. Click on the “View Products” button and 3M will give you a list of all of their available adhesive sealants that might fit the job.

It’s a pretty slick program and really cuts down on any guesswork about which adhesive will work best for each task (at least if you're looking at a 3M sealant). They also have a selector for all their marine producst as well. This one allows you to start with the condition of your vessel and then find all of the appropriate products (waxes, cleaners, etc.) to perform your upkeep for the season. For more on sealants, be sure to look for the article in the April issue of PMY.

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