Monday, June 18, 2007

Boating "Baby" Seeks Advice

Do you remember your first time on a boat? Mine happened when I was 11, snorkeling in Cancun. I spent a whole five minutes on the tiny thing before I was instructed to jump into the water to see the fishies. So the boat itself didn’t matter; we used it as if it were a U-Haul. And even now I know nothing about boats, except that they’re “designed to float on, and promote transport over, water.” (That’s what Wikipedia says.) I’m even fascinated by their ability to stay afloat (seriously, isn’t it astonishing that a massive 150-footer doesn’t sink, but a penny does?).

In any case, I’m new to the paradoxical world of boats, but I hope the question mark I have in my head won’t be there for long. I’m an editorial intern for Power & Motoryacht this summer, and I made a promise to myself that I’ll “dive into” this area of interest for the roughly two months that I’m here (pardon the cheesy, please).

I’m glad that I have an opportunity to be a sponge right now and absorb anything and everything I can about marine life. How many times do you get to be a sponge in life and not get made fun of (unless you’re SpongeBob Squarepants)? Anyways, I’m excited to be here, especially because the very nice people at Power & Motoryacht are taking me out on the company boat, a Cranchi Atlantique 50 christened Office Ours, at the end of July. I want to pretend that my first time on a boat will be then, and I want it to be special.

What was your first time like? Please share, and don’t be afraid to divulge the intimate details, because I know, just from being here for two short weeks, that the relationship avid boaters have with their significant boats is sacred, their first time aboard memorable, and their appetite for more time with their love insatiable.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to PandY, Isabella. My first memories of boating are from my earliest days - I was lucky enough to be born into a boating family living near Long Island Sound.

Going out in the evening to view the fireworks on the 4th of July with my parents and older brother is a highlight that comes to mind!

Your post is reminiscent of why I started in 1999 - to help boating newbies figure out how to start enjoying a pleasure I've known all my life.

Good luck with your internship!

Andrew Canepari

Isabella Barak said...

Thanks! Lots of helpful information on your site. I remember checking it out earlier, thinking, "I'll come back to this when it comes time to buy." Hopefully that will be soon!
It makes me happy that experts such as yourself are there to help those who hope to be in your shoes someday.

Thanks again!