Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Gathering Storm

Is public opinion about to turn against boating? Capt. Richard Thiel, editor-in-chief of Power & Motoryacht magazine, weighs in on a "potential maelstrom" for boating: public acceptance of global warming and a renewed drive for energy independence. He asks: "Shouldn’t boaters and boatbuilders prepare for that possibility? Whether it’s hiring lobbyists or building more fuel-efficient boats, shouldn’t we do something now, before the storm hits?" (You can read the rest of his editorial here.)

He's definitely hit a nerve: We've gotten e-mails from readers ranging from regular Joes to Florida Council of Yacht Clubs members who plan to bring up the subject in upcoming meetings. How about you—what's your view?


rainmaker said...

You have written about one of Paul Allen's boats being 'green' in the past, but is there really interest in the sub-$5M boatbuying crowd in being environmentally friendly? I test drove a Mercedes E320 Bluetec diesel a few weeks ago but didn't buy it because it wasn't available with nice wheels or the sport suspension. I consider myself environmentally conscious, but couldn't make the decision to go pro-environment on the auto. Why would people do it on the water??

uncommonsense said...
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uncommonsense said...

Global Warming or Temperature Correction. Sun Spots or CO2? Is global Warming a problem or a blessing or a cash cow and political boondoggle? One thing I know is that science is not a bunch of guys agreeing on a premise, President Bush or some Kook like Al Gore. If that were the case the world would be flat and Al Gore would have gotten better grades and more education than GW Bush.

However, since the Left Wing Kooks have made it impossible or too expensive for the United States to drill for oil locally or build more refineries, if you think that CO2 is the problem, it shouldn't be for long, eh?

When I was a boy Left Wing Kooks were scaring us about a coming Ice Age. I grew up and learned how to read. You?