Friday, February 2, 2007

Cruise Missile

Forget zipping to the Bahamas for the day from Florida. The Pershing 90 will let you drive all around the island chain before dinner.

Just how fast is the 90? Pershing says she tops out at 44 knots (50.6 mph) and cruises at 38 (43.7 mph) with a light load. If you’re familiar with Pershings, likely you’re not surprised this 69-ton yacht is a speedster—a top speed of 35.4 knots, or 40.8 mph, and a best-cruise speed of 20.8 knots, or 24 mph. Part of the reason why the 90 is faster is her engine package: twin 2,435-mhp MTUs, versus the 88’s 1,830-hp DDC-MTUs. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the fact that she’s also equipped with Arneson surface drives—specifically ASD 16Ls that are customized for the 90.

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Andrew said...

High speed is no stranger to many yachts similar size. I ran a Guy Couach 28m open in 2005 - fitted with 1500kw MTUs driving Arnesons gave it top speed of over 37kts and cruised all day long at 28kts. Makes the Med. seem very small at that speed.